Play. Learn. Grow

Learning the Fundamentals through recreational play.

Busy Bees Playtime offers engaging sports and Zumbini classes that promote active play, bonding, and development. We believe in the transformative power of play, fostering strong bonds between caregivers and children, and creating joyful experiences that lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning and growth.

About us

Helping to nurture the development of children

What sets Busy Bees Playtime apart is our unwavering commitment to creating exceptional experiences for both caregivers and children. We combine top shelf instruction, engaging activities and a warm and inclusive environment to ensure that every moment spent with us is filled with joy, growth, and lasting memories. Our dedication to safety, fleixible scheduling, and a deep understanding of early childhood development further enhance the quality of our programs.

Programs offered


Our Multi-sports class is the perfect way for your busy bee to experience all of our sports classes if they are not sure which way to fly!


The perfect introduction to America's favorite pastime. Busy bees will discover the joy of baseball while developing essential skills and focusing on fine and gross motor skills.


In our Busy Bees Lacrosse program they will learn the basic skills of stick handling, ball control and shooting while exploring colors and shapes through fun and interactive games.

Track & Field

Throwing! Jumping! Running! In this class busy bees gain strength and endurance while exploring different obstacles, races and team fun!


Our Busy Bees Soccer program lets our Bees kick, score and learn the fundamentals of soccer while fostering teamwork and love for the game.


Busy Bees Playtime offers Zumbini classes, where caregivers and children can dance, sing, and bond in an exciting and enriching musical adventure. (Designed for children ages 0 - 4)

Why us

The best early learning experience

Choose Busy Bees Playtime for an unforgettable journey of connection, growth and fun with your child. Our engaging classes provide a unique opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and your little one while promoting their development through play. Preschool children undergo critical physical and emotional development, and at this stage, their capacity for learning and acquiring new skills is at its peak. It is during these formative years that their physical abilities, cognitive functions, and emotional well-being can be nurtured and supported to lay a solid foundation for their future growth and success. Busy Bees Playtime recognizes the significance of this period and provides engaging caregiver and child classes specifically designed to harness this potential and foster development in a fun and supportive environment.

Communication and Teamwork

By engaging in these activities, we teach children important skills such as taking turns, listening, following instructions, and cooperating. This promotes healthy communication and enhances the caregiver-child relationship.

Self Esteem and Confidence

When caregivers actively participate and show genuine interest in their child's progress and achievements, it boosts the child's confidence and enhances their self-worth. This positive reinforcement from caregivers can have long-lasting effects on a child's self-esteem and overall well-being.

Skill Development

Whether it's developing motor skills in sports or learning rhythm and coordination in music, these classes lay the foundation for future growth and proficiency in these areas.

More than just play


For all questions, feedback, or simply to connect, please contact us at Busy Bees Playtime - we're here to make you and your child's experience unforgettable.

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