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Busy Bees Playtime classes embrace a non-competitive approach, prioritizing the joy of participation, skill-building, and personal growth over winning or comparison. Our focus is on creating positive experiences, building self-confidence, and promoting teamwork and sportsmanship. At Busy Bees Playtime, it's all about the joy of learning, playing, and growing together.



If you're unsure of which class to choose or haven't found a favorite yet, our Multi-sport program is the perfect option to dive into the world of sports! Ideal for beginners and intermediate players, this class offers a well-rounded experience by introducing T-ball, Lacrosse, Soccer, and Track & Field. As a team, we focus on the fundamentals of each sport while placing equal emphasis on fun and teamwork. Join us for an exciting journey where you can explore multiple sports and discover your passion in a supportive and enjoyable environment.



Busy Bees Playtime presents a thrilling T-ball program tailored for preschoolers, where they can discover the basics of baseball within a safe and enjoyable setting. Through engaging games and skill-building exercises designed for their age, we cultivate hand-eye coordination, teamwork, and an enduring passion for the sport. Join us on the diamond for an unforgettable experience where every child has the opportunity to swing for the fences and experience the joy of hitting a home run!



Our Preschool Lacrosse program takes a creative and age-appropriate approach to teaching stick handling and ball control. Through engaging games and activities, we introduce young children to the fundamentals of lacrosse while incorporating elements of colors, shapes, and animals to make the learning experience fun and interactive. In addition to developing lacrosse skills, our program also focuses on enhancing hand-eye coordination and balance, crucial abilities for early childhood development. Join us for an exciting journey where preschoolers can explore the world of lacrosse while simultaneously expanding their knowledge and honing their motor skills and coordination.


Track & Field

Our Preschool Track and Field class is designed to develop strength and conditioning in young children through the power of play. With a curriculum tailored specifically to preschoolers, we introduce sprinting, jumping, and throwing using age-appropriate games and equipment. Children will have the opportunity to jump hurdles, conquer running obstacles, and practice throwing and hitting targets, all while having a blast. This dynamic class not only builds physical strength, coordination, and endurance but also instills a love for active play and a sense of accomplishment. Join us for an exciting adventure where preschoolers can discover the joy of track and field while honing their skills and building a strong foundation for a lifetime of physical fitness.



Our Soccer class puts a fun twist on traditional preschool games to help children learn and develop essential soccer skills, including dribbling, passing, and shooting. Through age-appropriate drills and engaging activities, we create an environment where children can explore their abilities and build confidence on the pitch. We also incorporate enjoyable scrimmages that allow kids to put their skills into practice while fostering teamwork and sportsmanship. Join us for an exciting and memorable experience, where your child can discover the joy of soccer while making friends and having a great time.



Designed for ages 0-4, our Zumbini class takes little ones on a delightful journey of music, dance, and movement. Through this interactive program, children explore the joy of rhythm, melodies, and creative expression in a supportive and engaging environment. Zumbini combines lively music, playful dance routines, and age-appropriate movements to stimulate both physical and cognitive development. Join us for a fun-filled adventure where your child can groove, giggle, and grow while fostering a lifelong love for music and movement.